Wetland Consulting



Nothing stifles economic growth like uncertainty. Before you commit valuable resources to a project you first need to know its potential. Is the site suitable for your plans? With staff hours and money at stake, are there any environmental obstacles? Environmental rules and regulations are constantly changing. As consultants we are not only aware of these changes, but strive to remain on the forefront, providing our clients insight, creative solutions, and assistance in implementing their projects. We know the impact that environmental issues and regulatory decisions have on your schedule and profitability.   Our established relationships with regulatory agencies means means that we can provide a candid assessment of your project’s viability long before you invest substantial resources.




With the current pace of economic growth and development in the Carolinas, an impact on our natural resources is inevitable. Our goal is to guide development in order to minimize any adverse affect to the environment, and to enhance the value of natural resources. Our commitment is to assist our clients to fulfill project objectives, maintain high environmental standards, and meet regulatory requirements.  Our proven method is to incorporate principles of sound natural resource conservation and management into each and every project we undertake.

Joseph C. Floyd

Chief Executive Officer

With more than 27 years experience in the wetland regulatory consulting field, Mr. Floyd has worked on sites ranging in size from a single home lot to an 11,000-acre-plus multi-phase development. His working knowledge of the wetland regulatory process from the field determination/delineation stage through wetland master planning is widely sought.

Britt A. Feldner

Wetland Ecologist

A member of The Brigman Company team since 1996, Mr. Feldner has extensive experience in conducting wetland delineations and administering threatened and endangered species surveys at a variety of project sites. He also manages 404/401 wetland permitting.