The Brigman Company, Inc. (TBC) is a multi-disciplined firm offering a comprehensive array of environmental regulatory consulting, land surveying, and forest management services. Established in 1986 by Johnnie E. Brigman, we have remained on the forefront in the field of Natural Resource Management.

Since the 404 regulatory program was brought online, we have evolved alongside it, contributing to its growth and scientific advancement. This has allowed us to fine tune our methodology and become state of the art in the field of wetland science.

The chief reason for our success is the unique combination of qualities we possess; knowledge of regulations and how they are interpreted; knowledge of the environmental-ecosystems and how they interact; a common woods sense, coupled with a hard work ethic, unwillingness to compromise our principles, bitterness toward errors and respect for the environment.
— Johnnie E. Brigman, Founder