Joseph C. Floyd

Chief Executive Officer

With more than 27 years experience in the wetland regulatory consulting field, Mr. Floyd has worked on sites ranging in size from a single home lot to an 11,000-acre-plus multi-phase development. His working knowledge of the wetland regulatory process from the field determination/delineation stage through wetland master planning is widely sought.

Britt A. Feldner

Wetland Ecologist

A member of The Brigman Company team since 1996, Mr. Feldner has extensive experience in conducting wetland delineations and administering threatened and endangered species surveys at a variety of project sites. He also manages 404/401 wetland permitting.

F. William Fairey, IV 

Licensed Land Surveyor

Mr. Fairey has been a member of The Brigman Company team since 2012. He has over 11 years of professional experience and has managed and completed all aspects of our land surveying tasks. As a Land Surveyor he has worked with clients on projects both large and small.